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Other The struggle. Seeking class choice guidance.


New Member
May 3, 2016
To make it brief. I'm a vanilla neophyte (jumped on retail during tbc, stayed until heroic dungeon nerfs in Cata). My most played and enjoyed classes specs in there were feral druid(either cat or bear), ele/enh shaman and (only during tbc) Shockadin. None of them is in a decent shape, even worse for either druid or shaman (never enjoyed resto sham, druid is just my wow nightmare -.-).
Been trying over time other classes (i.e. non-hybrids) but up until now I haven't settled yet.
Main focus is PvP (world PvP, with some BG on top of it) with reasonable PvE (I'm open to healing every now and then, full-time healing is a no-go). Utility and/or CC are valued highly (that's why I loved shocka: decent burst, fine offhealing and good load of utility spells and buffs). Alliance side, please, so no shamans. Profession-wise is settled on engineering(PvP utility? yes, please)+something(depending on choice).
I'm open to suggestions and/or build advice.
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