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Troll PVP


Dec 25, 2014
I have a new theory. Granzi= Idab? Both of them have pretty much the same annoying personality of a 12 year old call of duty player who had too much mountain dew. Since Idab was camped so much he decided to roll a rogue to hide and get away. What promotes my theory is that this Granzi forum account is pretty new.

Any thoughts on this?


New Member
May 31, 2018
That was a mistake. I mean this entire post. Troll turned to victim who has to explain himself.
What makes me a victim? I'm not.
And what's wrong with explaining myself? Most people here obviously misunderstand why ganking happens, so it needs an explanation.

I have a new theory. Granzi= Idab?
This is my only character on private servers. I used to play on retail before this, but world pvp is just getting worse and worse there.
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