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Leatherworking trouble with change specialization LW


New Member
Apr 30, 2015
I make issue report https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?issue=6081 , create ingame ticket and still no responce.
I have dragonscale LW and canceled it to get Tribal LW:
1) http://i.imgur.com/aidCbBE.jpg
2) http://i.imgur.com/s2S7T4f.jpg
but when i up skill to 250 and come to Tribal LW master he can't give me quest, i open my spell book and my Dragonskale LW turn back to me
3) http://i.imgur.com/HYnM7US.jpg
Also chain to get http://www.wowwiki.com/Wild_Leather_collection unobtainable after drop profession.
I ask GM change my specialization and investigate this case.
Kronos, Horde, Foolsbane
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Apr 26, 2016
A friend of mine was told you can't change specialization. Atleast he wasn't allowed to and able to. He had picked the wrong one for blacksmithing.
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