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Alliance True world PvP guilds?

Jan 9, 2019
Hey all, I'm wondering if there's any guilds that are more focussed on doing crazy world PvP instead of raiding/battlegrounds? I'm surprised on a pvp server like this I haven't seen any guilds that are say, trying to take over STV for days at a time, or helping anyone who's getting corpse-camped, or trying to invade southshore/tauren mill etc. All I've seen so far through my leveling journey is random duo/solo acts of gankage, maybe the odd group camping outside an instance, at the most.

Have I been missing something? I play on Ally but would love to hear if the Horde have more organisation.


New Member
May 17, 2018
In TehBox we randomly get groups together to go kill horde. Sometimes 15 people, sometimes 30 people. Just depends on the day.

We focus on PvE though and just do that in our downtime for fun
Jan 9, 2019
I have decided to form my own world-pvp based guild :) The Azeroth Minutemen!

More information can be found from 'Hollowblood' in game today/tonight (or send me a mail)

Handing in the charter tonight, Ideally want people at level 60, or at least in 50's. But all will be considered.

I'm also happy to accept people's alts.

If you're interested at all, get in touch, let's take the fight back to the Horde!
Oct 5, 2014
Southern California, USA
I'll be coordinating with your guild and providing support, at least.

Stickin' to my Naxx farm guild tho ;)

See you guys on the Home Front, and hopefully even come visit my little town of Orgrimmar, where Doras the Flightmaster is sentenced to permanent death.
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