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Other Trunks from fishing


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Jul 15, 2016
So I've clocked a lot of hours fishing on K2, to the point where I think i've had over 100 trunks of each denomination (mithril, iron, etc.).

At this stage I've not had 1 single green drop from all of those. Not 1. Is anyone else having this problem? Is this a bug or are the green drops something which were implemented later in vanilla and will be on K2? (Like with ZG or something).

The other option is I have been extremely extremely unlucky.

Would be glad for any replies clarifying the situation.

all the best

edit: i also forgot to add that about 1 in 5 trunks yield nothing, they open empty and disappear.
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I'm interested in hearing about this from others I used to fish myself and I haven't had this problem, though, there were a few trunks that were empty. I've gotten blues greens and all sorts of materials from trunks. I wanna fish again, so, how are trunks atm?
I've been leveling fishing from ~150 to about 280 around the floating wreckage/debris spawns in STV mostly at Hemet Nesingwary's camp. I haven't had any green/blue items from these. Only ever gotten cloth bolts and potions.

Like OP, about 1/5 of the trunks I get are empty and simply disappear when opened.
The reason the greens say 0% is due to not displaying decimal number under a looted object/npc however if you look under the item in question they often come with decimal but there are few exceptions.

In short if you see 0% you can assume the chance is merely just less than 1% however i do agree the uncommon drop rate feels a bit lacking. i reported the mithril bound trunk along with some sources confirming the drop rate should be higher however the case has yet to be assigned or taken so i cannot say when it might be solved.
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