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[MC] Molten Core <Unity> Molten Core Pug/Alt raid


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Oct 19, 2016
Welcome Unity’s weekly Molten Core Pick up Group!

Unity, Alliance side, is now starting its weekly Molten Core Pick up Group. The raid will be held each Tuesday, starting with raid invites at 18.30 and filling until 19:00-19:15 Server Time. If you are joining the raid, make sure to be able to raid until at least 22.00 Server Time. We are aiming to clear the instance in approximately 80 minutes +/-. If you have any questions, feel free to whisper either Athell or Mangolummox in-game or make a comment here on the thread.


- Like mentioned above:
- Invites at 18:30 Server Time.
- Time of first pull should be at 19:15 the latest.
- If you show up late without letting us know beforehand, we will replace your spot.


- Be able to understand and communicate in English.
- Teamspeak 3 – if you for some reason can’t be on TS, you can’t attend the raid.
- Pre-raid bis gear with suitable enchants
- Raid talens, meaning we do not accept Feral Druids, Moonkin Druids and Retribution Paladins.
- Knowledge of all boss encounters. If this is your first time in Molten Core we expect you to read/watch tactics before joining the raid.
- Use the following addons: KTM, BigWigs, Nature Enemy Cast Bar. Besides these addons mages and druids must have Decursive and Paladins PallyPower.
- Using Consumables for your role will be appreciated.

Loot Rules:

We’re reserving all BoE’s (excluding Tier pieces), Lava Core/Fiery Core/Core Leather/Sulfuron Ingot/Dark Iron Ore, Proffesion recipes and Legendary bindings.

- The Main loot rule will be MS > OS +1, meaning if for instance a Ring of Spell Power drops, only Mages and Warlocks can roll on it, the caster who wins gets a +1, and can’t roll on another item of his classtype until all players in it gets a +1.

- The +1 rule resets before Majordomo, meaning everyone can roll and win again.

- The first 7 seconds it will be counted as a +1 roll, even though you are the only one rolling for this item. After the first 7 seconds there will be another roll happening, where the roll will be a free roll and not count as a +1 roll.

- A free roll is not the same as a vendor roll. If you are rolling for a free roll, you’re gonna use this item for either Offspec, PvP,T1 set or RP.

- All the tanks are from Unity, meaning the tank loot will be loot counceled and the +1 system will not be used for tank items. However if the tank roster has to be changed, this system can adapt.
BoE Tier pieces are rolled for after the raid. If you have a +1 already (before or after Majordomo) you will not be able to win any BoE Tier pieces for this raid.

To see the Lootprior list for Molten Core you can click on the link bellow:


Raid Rules:

- Listen and follow instructions given on Teamspeak and Raid Warnings.

- Follow and listen to the tank, don’t stick around the boss corpses waiting for loot, this will be taken care of even though you are not standing on top of the dead boss.

- Do not go afk mid raid unless some RL crisis happens – in this case let Athell know.

- You can and will be kicked from the raid, blacklisted or loot banned (depending on what you did) if you break any of these rules, for instance continue using forbidden debuffs after being told not to use it, ninja pulling, ninjalooting etc. In some cases we will contact your Guild Master if you break these simple rules.

If you have any further questions please send an in-game mail to Amney or Athell.
Also to apply to these raids you will have to send an In-game mail to Athell with your class, spec and if you can bring an Aqual/Eternal Quintessence (Douse).
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Nice my main is a Hunter equiped 7/8 t2 hunter.

I want to join with my alt mage
Who is 3/8 t1 along with av epics and azuresong mageblade.

I am farming bwl with my guild ragnarok so i know tactics, got the Right addons and will bring consumes.

Sorry for posting it here, but i am not Home atm and not sure if i will come online before friday.

You van either om me here or send a mail ingame to lupeh or lupehh.

Thanks in advance

Verstuurd vanaf mijn PLK-L01 met Tapatalk
Re: &amp;lt;Unity&amp;gt; Molten Core Pug/Alt raid

Greetings lupeh. I'm sorry I did not check out the forum post myself. If you want to sign up for next weeks raid, please let me know - either here or send me an in-game mail.
Best regards

- - - Updated - - -

Good luck mates!
Thanks mate, looking forward to see you in our future pugs!
Best regards

- - - Updated - - -

Thank you all for showing up for our first <Unity> Molten Core Pug. Everything went smooth, besides a few asspulls. But overall a good job from everyone. We cleared the instance and got some really good loot(2xRing of Spell Power, Cauterizing Band, Striker's Mark, Mana Igniting Cord, BRE and Eye of Sulfuras).
Once again thank you all for joining up, and I hope to see everyone joining up for next weeks Molten Core Pug!

Best regards
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