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Useful Macros for Mages?


Apr 20, 2015
Hello everyone,
does anyone have some good macros for mages for Vanilla WoW?
I've found this link but there seems to be some issues with the macros - https://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Useful_Macros_for_Mages
They contain for example the command "#showtooltip", which doesn't work in my WoW client (1.12.1)
I've tried the macro maned "Start buffs, conjure rations, and eat/drink in one click" for example and it doesn't work.
When I click it, I get "Type '/help' for a listing of a few commands."

I just tried them and I would like to report the following:

- MacroExtender supports both "#showtooltip" and "#show"
- CleverMacro only supports "#showtooltip"
- SuperMacro doesn't support any of them

Therefore it looks like MacroExtender is the best option

I could make the following macros to work:

#showtooltip test:
/cast Teleport: Stormwind

Click - Teleport to Stormwind --- Ctrl + Click - Teleport to Ironforge --- Alt + Click - Teleport to Darnassus
#showtooltip version:
/cast [nomodifier,button:1] Teleport: Stormwind
/cast [modifier:ctrl,button:1] Teleport: Ironforge
/cast [modifier:alt,button:1] Teleport: Darnassus

Same thing, in #show version:
#show Rune of Teleportation
/cast [button:2,nomodifier] Teleport: Stormwind
/cast [button:2,modifier:ctrl] Teleport: Ironforge
/cast [button:2,modifier:alt] Teleport: Darnassus

My problem is that I can't find a working script that can teleport when Left + Click and portal when Right + Click
Neither of the following scripts work for me:

/cast [nomodifier,button:1] Teleport: Stormwind
/cast [nomodifier,button:2] Portal: Stormwind


/cast [button:2] Portal: Ironforge; Teleport: Ironforge

Does anyone have a working script for that?

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I believe that none of those addons adds support for "button" or "btn" conditions, so you won't be able to use right click casts from action bar. Also as far as I know using script in macro to detect button pressed is not possible in vanilla, because function GetMouseButtonClicked() was added in TBC.

All what I can recommend is creating 2 different macros, one for portals and second for teleports:
With macro addons:
/cast [mod:alt] Portal: Stormwind; [mod:ctrl] Portal: Darnassus; Portal: Ironforge
/cast [mod:alt] Teleport: Stormwind; [mod:ctrl] Teleport: Darnassus; Teleport: Ironforge
Without addons:
/run if IsAltKeyDown() then CastSpellByName("Portal: Stormwind") elseif IsControlKeyDown() then CastSpellByName("Portal: Darnassus") else CastSpellByName("Portal: Ironforge") end
/run if IsAltKeyDown() then CastSpellByName("Teleport: Stormwind") elseif IsControlKeyDown() then CastSpellByName("Teleport: Darnassus") else CastSpellByName("Teleport: Ironforge") end

Or add condition to cast teleport when solo and portal when in group:
With Roid Macros: /cast [group:party/raid] Portal: Ironforge; Teleport: Ironforge
Without any macro addon: /run if GetNumPartyMembers()==0 and GetNumRaidMembers()==0 then CastSpellByName("Teleport: Ironforge") else CastSpellByName("Portal: Ironforge") end

Combined together it could be for example (without addons):
/run local a,b="Portal: ","Ironforge"; if GetNumPartyMembers()==0 and GetNumRaidMembers()==0 then a="Teleport: " end; if IsAltKeyDown() then b="Stormwind" elseif IsControlKeyDown() b="Darnassus" end; CastSpellByName(a..b);
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Those are really great scripts!

After a little bit more testing, I can say that MacroExtender is a CPU hog, it makes your game client quite unusable. This addon is powerful but it's not really possible to make use of it.
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