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Priest Values of stats


Apr 1, 2016

one question I have is how you evaluate and calculate the value of stats like int, spirit, mp5 and +heal. Is your approach that e.g. 1 int is xyz% of a healing spell's mana cost and therefore abc% of the healing done? And how do you calculate the same for mana reg? Based on ticks per cast time?

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The Procrastinating Chainsaw


Apr 11, 2016
In the optimal situation you have different sets of gear and swap items according to whichever stat you need more on the current encounter/raid. But gearing like this will take time and effort, so most of the healers just tend to stack +heal and then cover the other stats with worldbuffs, consumables and mana potions.

It's not really a huge deal because you can heal the entirety of vanilla content in pre-bis level healer gear just fine, especially if you grab the worldbuffs and pop a consumable here and there. I know a guy who did four horsemen only wearing greens with +heal stats and performed just fine, granted that he had worldbuffs and a bunch of consumables.

From what I've observed, "optimal" Kronos healing has become quite bland with how fast the bosses die and with how little healing you need to do (yet a plenty of guilds still seem to bring way too many healers to their raids), and with how buffcap and dps optimization works, so it's devolved into spamming flash heals and occasionally shielding some dps if there's need/buff slots available. If you want to have fun you can ignore this and properly downrank your abilities, try to raid without buffs/consumables while managing mana and hot people etc, but it'll probably end up making some tryhards angry if you raid with the type.
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