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Horde <Vendetta>


New Member
Oct 20, 2014

Hello good people !

<Vendetta> is a guild coming from retail (The Venture Co EU),which disbanded after Cataclysm release,because of some reasons.
<Vendetta> had been created long time ago,by me and my friends in an Internet Cafe.We have known each other for long time,and the communication between us is almost perfect,and that's why we had successes in this game.So we have decided to reunion and get back on stage.

We're searching for EU (Balkan if possible) players who can fit in our roster.We're oriented in PvE mostly.
Raid times and Loot system will be announced soon.
People who are interested to join <Vendetta> can now message on our facebook page :


U won't regret joining it.

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New Member
Nov 8, 2014
Hey there, some questions :

Do you require your members to be enchanted + buffed with consumes?

Will u use a core of raiders for each raid?

I only can raid 2 days a week so is that enough for your guild?

I cant raid on thuesday and monday
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