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<Vicarious > Returned to achieve Greatness again

Apr 29, 2018

Website : https://vicarious-gaming.shivtr.com/

Vicarious has returned and is seeking to create a chill but also Competetive Raid Environment again that will eventually start speeclearing and take on Records.
Formerly on Darrowshire the number 1 Guild with the fastest MC even after Months of leaving the Server and recently on Lights Hope ( Left because of clear corruption from LH Staff) we are announcing that Vicarious is gonna Raid on Kronos 3 now on the Horde side !
A strong core is following but we will need a lot of new players to achieve what we had on our other Servers and that is Greatness.
Currently recruiting all players, experienced or beginners does not matter since we can and will form you to a Great Player who one will aspire to be!
Wisper Sickoflove/Hellseger ingame for more Information.

Applications: https://vicarious-gaming.shivtr.com/site_applications

Raid times : Friday/Saturday 8 PM Servertime to 12 PM Servertime Latenight Raiding Guild
Loot rules : Loot Council based
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