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Horde <Vortex> [EU+NA] - 9/9 AQ raiding


May 30, 2016

About Us
We are a competitive yet friendly raiding guild and one of the top PvE guild on the server. The core of our leadership is playing together since the start of K2. Many of our officer team have even been playing together since the first week of release over 10 years ago, spanning across multiple guilds and servers.
We have dedicated ourselves to staying on Kronos and to defeating all challenges we will face! We are well experienced in vanilla raid content (having cleared the majority of Naxx on live) and look forward to eventually downing KT on Kronos 2!

Currently we are welcoming many classes, foremost Shamans (heal/DPS) and caster DPS.
We are looking for players who are fit to join our raids.
Of course we are also looking for likable social members who share our guild's values and want to become a part of our community.

Raid Schedule
We are a mixed EU and NA guild. As such many of our raid times are on the weekends to make it possible for both EU and NA players to attend at once.

Our standard raid times are
Saturday 20:00 Server Time and Sunday 20:00 Server Time.
For new content we are starting a bit earlier on Sundays (currently 19:00).

Of course we are also running lots of 20man raids and some dungeon groups.

Ultimately we want you to enjoy yourself, that’s why we are all here. Even though most of us have been through this content at least once before, raiding places like MC can still be fun – we will eventually be doing things like pushing for faster and cleaner kills to ramp up excitement.

Loot System
We use a Loot Council system which allows loot to be fairly distributed based on effort, performance and attendance.

To join Vortex, we ask that you are a mature and responsible person who is willing to put the effort in to perform to the best of your ability. We’d like you to aim for at least 75% raid attendance. We put great focus on always putting great effort into your preparation (gear, consumables, strategies...) and working towards constantly improving. That being said, we are not going as crazy as some other guilds are.

We don’t require previous vanilla raiding experience – some of the best players on Nost were stepping into MC for the first time.

Our chosen method of voice comms is Discord, so the ability to listen in (even if you can’t speak) is required during raids.

One final thing to note is that we do not tolerate abuse of other guild members or those intentionally causing drama – Vortex is a friendly community of players and we would like it to remain that way.

How to Apply

If you require any further information please contact an officer in-game or on Discord (for example Bolverk ingame, Bolverk#9698 on discord). If you are looking for an officer you can also ask any Vortex member as we are available on Discord most times of day. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Thanks for reading.
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