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Warlock Warlock PVE guide

Hello there, new player to vanilla wow, didn't start playing wow till wotlk and had a question about spec (the ones linked will not load for me).
Downloading the files to play on this server now and was trying to think about spec before starting to have a plan, toying around with a calculator I found on google and seeing you mention soul link i came up with this http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#IyM0VMbZbthzgxot
The reason I was interested in it, is the fact it looks "tanky" and seems like something that would work for leveling and maybe pvp or dungeons? Not sure of what actually works well in vanilla and wouldn't mind any input =)
Thats SL/Nightfall. Sure it works, but for leveling I would go 30pts into affliction instead of demo.
I would reckon instant corruption in the affliction tree is the best thing to get started with.
Further in that tree it is nice to get siphon life and nightfall as fast as possible as it will greatly improve the speed at which you kill things.
Hi, im about to play a horde warlock on Kronos II and I will focus on PvE. Since I like the appearance of both warlock races, undead and orc im going for the best racial ability. I guess orc is slightly better because of the 5% extra pet damage. And here are my 2 Questions:
1. What if the boss im fighting casts fear? I think in this case undead is better because WotF. If i can cast 1 extra shadow bolt (for example) due to WotF this should be better more damage then the 5% extra pet damage from orc racial. Am I right?
2. How many of the raid bosses actually cast fear? If for example 5 out of 10 bosses cast fear where i can profit from WotF i will pick the undead race. If there is actually only 1 out of 10 raid bosses that casts fear i will pick orc for the 5% extra pet damage.
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The thing is that pet damage might be irrelevant if you choose to play with DS. So this orc racial would end up be useless. Stun reduction is useful in pvp of course against rogues only. Undead have shadow resistance, fear/charm trinket and cannibalize when farming undeads or humanoids....

I would really want to roll an orc (shoulders are nice on male orcs) but undeads seems superior :(
5% pet damage is near useless in PvE.
You're either going to be DS with a sacrificed pet, or SM with your imp invisible to avoid it taking damage.
Generally you can outrange the fear on (like 3 or 4 total) boss fights, and stun resist would really help with surviving raid trash.

bonus points for messing with rogues and warriors
Do any raid guilds use Curse of Weakness on particularly hard hitting boss mobs? This would be something that an SM/DS warlock could bring to the table and might even spec in to. I'm guessing the answer is no.
Maybe it is a stupid question but; what does Ruin do ?
I thought that instead of doing 200% dmg with a crit, I would do 400%, but actually I do 270 with a normal shadowbolt and barely 470 with a crit, and I have the talent.
What a brilliant guide.
Frist a big thank you.

So I've looked over the web and seen lots of guides, I can't find any which talks about rotation in a clear and easy manor.

What would be awesome is if somone could please give me and other tips and tricks on rotation dependent on spec.

I've just hit 60. Having played a Druid in Vanilla WoW I very much enjoyed the ease of leveling a lock!

But now I'm 60 I really need to have a clear rotation.
While there is lots of detail on Raiding:

e.g. Dot (dependent on raid leader) --> Shadow Bolt --> Mana Tap /// Repeat.
It's not clear to me what is defined as dot. e.g. is Immolate considered a dot?
In fact do we use any of our fire powers.

There's very little information around a rotation out of raid...
We have so many powers as Warlocks, I'm just not sure which ones I should be using as SM/Ruin.

Some advice would be very much appreciated.
Rotation is Shadow Bolt and that's it*. If you are assigned a Curse by your raid (Elements, Shadow, Recklessness only), you put it up on pull and then Shadow Bolt once DPS are allowed to begin. Life Tap as needed, but be smart about it (always use mana pots/runes first, make sure you have the health available for it and avoid it when raid damage is coming. Don't tax your healers).

*Some guilds will have debuff room for one or two of their best-geared Locks to put Corruption up (and you have to be SM/Ruin to do this). All this does is have you refresh Corruption as it expires, and continue to Shadow Bolt otherwise.

You'll never use any of your other DoTs on boss fights, and you'll never use any of your Fire spells either.
Damn!,I read your post and i love it!
I start to play warlock,bro.....i think i fall in love.
I know it's 4/5 years later... but still... about that choosing a race bit, you might want to give this wow classic warlock guide a read and copy some bits and bats about how different races work for this class. Hope this helps somewhat, cause I really love your guide :)
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