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Warlock Warlock pvE?


Jan 7, 2015
New Hampshire
There's only two viable Raid specs for Vanilla, SM/Ruin or DS/Ruin, and DS > SM for Single Target encounters with no adds. Full Destro/Demo builds are for PvP Only.

Go DS/Ruin if: Your raidgroup doesn't need Bloodpact and your class/raid leader has approved you to do so.
Go SM/Ruin if: Your raidgroup needs Bloodpact and your class/raid leader has not approved you to be DS/Ruin.

Generally at lower gear levels, most or all of your raid's locks will run SM/Ruin because your raid will need Blood Pact on as many groups as possible. Remember that only your most geared locks will be allowed to put Corruption up IF there are debuff slots available for it (usually there are only like two slots available for this), so if you're running as SM/Ruin, you won't get Nightfall procs at all if you're not allowed to put Corruption on the boss.

Anyway, it's up to your CL/RL in the end, not you.
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