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Warlock what are a warlocks weaknesses?

Dec 25, 2014
I am really curious about warlocks in world pvp and BG situations.

How do the play in each situations?
Especially in world pvp. For example I would run around in blackrock looking for juicy alliance pray. How well can warlocks adapt to sudden changes of the fight situation like a second enemy comes around the corner. As a mage i would just try to sheep the second one, kill the first enemy, reset and kill second. Can wl do such things too. I am asking because the lack strongly in the mobility department.


Jan 7, 2015
New Hampshire
Not as well as a mage can. Fear is a great spell, but there are a lot more ways to break it (since you're Horde you don't have to deal with the obnoxious OPness of WotF). Alternatively, you can have Succubus seduce them, but remember that it DRs with Fear too, and it breaks on any damage. We don't have the roots mages do, nor the snares (unless you drop 5 talent points into coex), so it's a bit more difficult. On the plus side, we don't have that tiny amount of HP mages do either.
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