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Other What are some good professions on a fresh server?


New Member
Oct 4, 2015
San Francisco, CA
I've tried searching forums for some opinions, but all the threads I've seen answer what some of the better professions are when a new player starts on a new server. But what about when a brand new server comes online and everyone starts at level 1? In that case, what do you guys think are some of the better professions to start out with?

It doesn't seem like gathering professions would be all that great, unless you pair it with some other profession that compliments it. But in these fresh server situations, is it usually better to dedicate some time to leveling professions? Or should the focus be on leveling as fast as possible to get to a point where profession training is easier?


May 12, 2015
Depends on your class, but herbalism is pretty nice to make some gold when you are close to 60/hit 60.


Oct 2, 2015
On fresh server with only lvl 1 players, gathering professions are worthless to make money because almost everybody will have a gathering profession so the prices are on an all time low and barely reach the sell- to vendor mark.

A classic gather- craft combo to make your own gear is still a good choice, after all there will never be a better time to wear those green crafts than shorlty after the server launch

if you want to be rich on a server launch there are two ways:

Be among the top 5% highest lvl, you outllvl the majority of the server and get early access to higher lvls of treasure and there are always early adopters who pay good money for the premium stuff. If you are among the first selling runecloth bags... you get the point

Or alternatively , run around the masses and buy up all the top tier blue drops people randomly find And sit on those for a month On nost I bought 4 Feet of the Lynx in the first week for between 50s and 1g each. I could sell blue stuff for 100g in total after only a month when the first wave of lvl 60s started spending (there were talks about cheating or glitching though so take these figures with a grain of salt)
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