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What can you do in Alterac Valley?


Aug 20, 2014
Alterac Valley is big and since all servers i played on got no 100% working Alterac Valley i would like to write a little bit about things i found on the Internet. And i hope people can correct me if im wrong, or add some other stuff which only less people know about.

There is this Ground Assault which is not the Cavallry Assault. And this starts when you gathered enough supply from the Mine which your faction has in control. If you meet the reputation requirement, you can get a paper which you have to bring to an NPC near the Stonehearth Bunker at the ballista. The NPC is Field Marshal Teravaine and he will only spawn if you can choose the option to order the Ground Assault. You will get the Stormpike Assault Order from the Quartermaster who is gathering the Mine Supplies and you have to bring it to Teravaine. After he accepted the Assault Order, he will spawn a few Commando units and will start moving towards Horde's base and attack everything.

The Cavallry Assault is something where you have to gather Frostwolfs Hides and tame Rams near Dun Baldar. After enough has been brought back to the Stable Master, there will be 10(i think) of Dwarven NPC's on Rams you can order to attack the Horde. Again, it is needed to have a certain reputation to be able to order this attack.

There are also Gryphons fighting for Stormpike. They can be ordered by players too. There are those Wing Commanders who are held in prison at the Horde base. They are the only ones who can summon the Gryphons. So you have to get to their base and free them and it would be really really good advice to escort them back, because i think they do not respawn after they get killed. When you killed many Horde NPCs and players, they drop sometimes or always some Medals, and every Wing Commander (3 guys) wants those different Medals. After turning enough of those Medals and you meet the required reputation you can either get a beacon or order an Assault on 3 different places on the Horde base. So then the Gryphons will fly to those places and attack everything on that place until they die, also the Wing Commander will start walking to the Horde base. When you get one of these beacons, you can place them on the North Crater/South Crater on the Field of Strife
and on the Snowfall Graveyard. It will summon Aerial Gryphons and patrol a specific way. But they will be summoned after 1 minute you placed the beacon on the ground and the enemy can stop the 1 minute, whether destroying the beacon or interupting the casting. Those Aerial Units hurt as i remember from the offical wow servers.

There are places in Alterac Valley, which are closed at 1.12.1. There were Gnolls and Trolls Camps, at the east and west from Field of Strife, behind those big Ice Mountains.

On previous patches, there were also a Shredder NPC you can get, which you can spawn and control as a pet and you could kill enemy with it. Also 4 Quests that made you farm race specific items. Both things were added and removed before 1.12.1, sadly...

Pleade add anything regarding Alterac Valley. It is a place of never ending fun 24/7
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Jan 13, 2009
This is not a bug report, rather than info for players who actually don't know how AV works. Since private realms usually don't have it working properly, there might be plenty.


Nov 29, 2012
Actually this guy is still there. Not sure who added him. You can't reach him of course.
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