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What did I just saw? :D


New Member
Aug 25, 2014
The weasels known as the blizz legal team have no power over there.
Arent the dbc's / extracted maps property of blizzard? I think they could take legal actions but from economical view its not worth the money and time I would assume (Really interesting topic isnt it?)

... guess it really depends on the country and its law.

Well this is not a discussion thread.
Im just amazed to see something like this :p
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New Member
Sep 4, 2014
Actually I was just talking out my ass. :tongue:

But I'm guessing trademark laws are indeed different in Czech Republic and it would not be easy for Blizz to sue.


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
Well blizzard has also countless times told the community that they wont be hosting a server for 1.12.1 even if they have been asked countless times and the maps and content by now have completely changed and next expansion not even the character models are the same.

so even if they wanted to sue then there would be no reason since the customers wouldn't move over to them either-way since the games now are so far apart and since they don't earn anything except from donations there is hardly anything they can sue them for other than owning the data and hosting it.

they would have more reason to sue servers closer to the current wow such as those who host their current expansion but still the effort and cost wouldn't be worth it even for that.

they are better of trying to hunt competitors when they copy something that is licensed.

take a look at how many years they have left private servers alone even when ppl report them on official blizz servers, blizzard doesnt even take action against gold or account sellers on retail so i honestly doubt they even care as long as theres no pay but only donation on private servers :wink:


Sep 23, 2013
They could sue everyone around the world ofc, but the picture hurts no trademark sinse its from deviantart. Got this information from firsthand but won't go any further.


New Member
Sep 17, 2014
Wow.. This is taking advertising to next level. :w00t:
Another reason why i think this server will be the biggest and best vanilla server in history
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