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Druid What spells not needed? (Cleanup)

Apr 7, 2018
As a Druid we have a lot of spells that fill all our actionbars. What are ones that we dont need in our action bars or never/rarely use? I play Feral dps if that helps. Trying to cleanup and get more room


New Member
May 3, 2016
Save mostly on balance spells: Wrath, Starfire, higher ranks of Moonfire and roots (first one is good for pulling and ccing, respectively). Mana-heavy healing like Regrowth, group/raid only spells like Tranquility and rarely used spells like Tiger's Wrath, Soothe Animal, Cower and ranks of Hibernate (again, first one is fine enough for cc) are also a good option. If you don't intend to AoE grind with a group, Hurricane can also be out. This is all PvE-wise. On the other side you may consider getting all Moonfire and Regrowth ranks though due to their usefulness in PvP. For PvE, as stated before, it is nowhere as important to get their higher ranks. It is mostly personal preference.
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