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Question When is Mists of Pandaria expected to come out ?


New Member
Aug 8, 2018
Is someone able to tell me at least an estimated release date ? Will it come in 1 month or at the end of 2021 ?
Just an approx. release date please :)


New Member
Aug 8, 2015
Shadowlands SUCK BALLS timegated, PVE biased, grindy, P2W, alt unfriendly, we desperatelly need MoP pvp system :/
In my opinion good pvp stopped actually with 5.4.8, and it's not getting better with new patches, grind is that thing I hate most on lives tbh. I can recommend you and people who are tired with cata, to play some other game, or wotlk/mop or focus more on life. I think twinteam will inform us about news asap. My thoughts are like ptr this year and release 2022, but thats just my thoughts.
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