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Where is the mithril???

Mar 14, 2016
I make this threat to raise concerns about a bug i encaounter not long ago. I have notice that mithril is missing from the game. I have been farming for hours and found just a few veins on the map. This got me thinking that could be a major problem in server's game. Having missing some of the matiriels for profesions it's very soul crushing on the font it's clearly there is abundant of iron, thorium in game and true silver. Here is a copy of my report to the server admins.

[h=1]#VANILLA-7937: Vein Spawning Script[/h]
I would like to report there is some major bug in Vein spawning. I have tried to mine mithril for the AQ effort quest and i notice mythril spawning is awfull. At first i was thinki i was looking at the wrong place but i have been running Badlands Searing gorge and burning step for 6 hours. For that time i managed to mine 40 mithril and over 120 truesilver (and i was skiping that for the first 2-3hours). Found lots of iron ore as well. Did some diging and i saw that the iron, and true silver can spawn on mithril vein location but with low chance. Also found the true silver is one of the rarest ores and yet i have seen 3-4 next to each other. I hope this issue will be consider since it's a major pain to level profession atm, and more importantly hord will be abble to do there part for war effort for AQ quest.

And since i know there will be some coments from pepole "This vannila deal it" "Go playing WoD noob" etc. Pls people not having the luxury of grinding mithril for profesion don't give opinion.
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