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Why Allow Multi-Boxing on Kronos 1 and Kronos 4 again?


New Member
Mar 21, 2017
Hello Kronos Team,

Why should multi-boxing be allowed on Kronos 1 and Kronos 4? There are several good reasons which will be described below:

It is understandable that the intention of not allowing multi-boxing was in order to make people play together more often, to prevent the control abuse of Auction House, PvP griefing of using a high-level character to "bodyguard" their own alternative characters, etc.

However, let's take a reality check right here. Kronos 4 and Kronos 1 are in need of more players and let's be honest - while Kronos has the best script of any vanilla WoW servers (even better than Classic WoW in some ways), it is missing the number of people that is desired to attract a majority of new players to come join when they decide between Kronos 4 and Kronos 1 (which is the better server) or another server such as Everlook, Turtle WoW, etc. that do not offer as good of quality as Kronos do but they see that those servers are attracting them despite the poorer quality. This is not pre-classic era anymore so we have to adjust!!!

What allowing multi-boxing will do is it will help give players the opportunity to be able to do elite quests more efficiently, form up dungeon groups more easily, fill up raids more easily, and even make Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley pop more often and those are the pinnacle of Vanilla WoW. Yes, the social aspect is important and that is when allowing multi-boxing comes in.. It creates more number of people according to the outsiders' eyes and when they see that Kronos 1 and Kronos 4 shows more activity, it will make them choose Kronos 4 and Kronos 1 over the other servers!

Now, we are ok if there are a few rules implemented such as no multi-boxing while inside battlegrounds since this is a PvP server and it prevents griefing and disadvantages. However, in the PvE atmosphere, multi-boxing is a MUST. Even in Classic WoW, people multi-box! It benefits more than it harms. When Kronos 1 was active, people loved multi-boxing and it really, really benefited them a lot in many ways! For example, if a dungeon group really needed a tank or a healer and has a hard time finding one and a person who has a rogue and turns out to have a tank, that person can make the dungeon run happen by playing that tank and rogue at the same time! People are happy right there!! Same goes for raids, people are happy when they see that they get a full raid even if it means having 5 people multi-box and it makes the raid more capable and even at 50% capacity, it is better than 0%!

We ask you, Kronos Team, to please take a close look and allow people to multi-box once again like in the old days when it was more fun to do so!! It will make Kronos 4 and Kronos 1 look good population-wise! Also, people can enjoy playing the game more that way rather than tormenting themselves and feeling stressed out that they just cannot get things to happen due to being limited to no multi-boxing! Let's revitalize the servers once again please!
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