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WSG/AB Faction Balance


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Aug 27, 2019
I have a suggestion for making bgs more balanced on kronos right now:

Can we make it so that neither team can ever have 1 more player? for example let a horde only enter a BG if current game is 6alliance vs 6horde and 1 alliance is already waiting in queue and vice versa? because how it is right now there is always more horde in queue so we end up with 6alliance, 7 hordes etc and alliance people starts leaving then often because we are in the minority and losing.

I don't think it's necessary for AV tho, the balance seems to be fine there, but in WSG and sometimes AB it really is a problem, as it is right now horde wins 90%+ of all bgs, not only because horde has better teamplay but also because they are always in the majority at the start of battles before they fill up.

If this would be implemented we would definitely see more BGs popping and more alliance queueing, because starting with a minority is a demoralizing factor, which creates a viscious cycle of alliance losing all BGs and stopping the queue.

NVM it doesn't seem to be a big problem anymore these days, bgs usually fill up fast.

But an addition to the BG announcer that announces the amount of players in the current BGs every 5 minutes could make people more aware of ongoing BGs and wether there is room in those current BGs and might result in more people queueing for pvp.
Something like "Warsong Gulch (5:43) 6445 - has 7 horde and 8 alliance".
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