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Other 5-man dungeon undertuned?


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Nov 28, 2015
Did a WC run recently, started with 1 lvl 15 and 4 17's. In the back of my head was thinking 'this group is too low level' but in any event rolled through the instance with 1 wipe (due to healer oom, finally), no marked pulls or cc, no boss tactics, no kill order, and no problem..... (I had to leave this group early for unrelated reasons about 2/3 of way through).

I know retail, at least pre-2.3, was not like this. group could not take down 4-5 lvl 19 or 20 elites at our level, to say nothing of all the rest. I think we could have chain-pulled if not for the healer oom risk.

Is this something done intentionally (undertuned dungeons?) If I had gone into that dungeon in early retail with that group, we would have failed just on level alone. mob hp seems ok, but they are not doing (nearly) enough damage - their damage seems pretty close to non-elite mobs for their level (and durid of fang self-heals seem to be for trivial amounts also).
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You weren't here on the murloc event I see, it caused quite some problems back when I lvled Horde.

Part of it may be because players are way better now, in average. Part of it may be a bug. If you can, please collect some information on how it is on Kronos, how it was on retail and submit it to the bugtracker.

Things can only be fixed on one-by-one basis (i.e. a particular mob is hitting XX, while it should hit YY). There is not intentional dungeon nerf on Kronos (to the best of my knowledge).
Hi, and thanks for your reply.

I cannot find hard combat logs or mob stats from this time period with 15 min. of googling so far, but I did find what many may consider a 'trusted source' for insight into how difficult this was/shouldbe.


I may edit this in a bit as I keep reading. see the durids below - their heal should be healing them to full or nearly so - in the event it is healing a minor fraction of their health, maybe a default amount for the spell/rank.

[FONT=&amp]Druids of the fang are numberous in this cavern as well, and they are annoying for two reasons:[/FONT]
[FONT=&amp]1. They heal themselves when they get low on hit points, interrupt them as much as you can. Warriors can shield bash, Rogues can kick / gouge, Shamans can earth shock, etc.[/FONT]
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getting a lot of this when trying to edit above, paste from jame;s, etc.

there is a comment about verdun's damage too, 300 vs mail/tanks (already mitigated, in other words). Verdun is one of those I think was clearly nerfed in the 2.3 dungeon changes, as you have later wowhead comments about him doing much, much less damage, being solo'ed etc.

the issue, of course, is getting something definitive enough to compare with current kronos state and say 'here is how i prove this is numerically not right,' Jame comments specifically on verdun damage, and I 'know' those durids should be healing to near-full, but their actual damage, while I think it is low, I cannot find numbers anywhere, yet.

here is his deadmines guide. his observations, while not rising to level of quantitive analysis, are certainly interesting and reflect my memory of that instance at low-level.

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300 dmg is something already, and all the non-quantitative sources may be considered as well. But, like I said before, the place to send your observations is the bugtracker. Please, cast a quick glance on the how-to.

You may also find something on old allakhazam with web.archive.

P.S. I'm not an admin, but as a player I thank you for your efforts on making Kronos better.
Level 17 is about right for a WC group; that's the level I always go. Also, it's the 2nd dungeon most new players will run; it's not supposed to be super difficult. The Murloc event can be quite challenging though. Get a competent tank + healer and the rest won't matter.
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