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[Naxx] Naxxramas Abom PTR Changelog


New Member
Jan 25, 2016

Abomination Wing Changelog

These changes are all applied to the PTR
(some have been for several days, others are more recent)

- Living Poison now explodes on players from a further distance.
- Embalming Slimes now pulse Embalming Cloud at a faster rate.
- Bile Sludge will clone itself earlier.
- Stitched Spewers will not be affected by Slime Bolt.
- Many trash monsters have been given additional immunities.

- Hateful Strike mechanic has been redone.

- Adjusted the Slime Stream ability; the boss is less likely to use it when being repositioned.

- Decimate will no longer take damage modifiers such as Defensive stance or Berserker stance into account.
- Decimate timer fixed.
- Frenzy timer fixed.
- Zombies will no longer move at increased speed as they spawn. (Core Fix this will apply to many monsters)
- Zombies will no longer move at increased speed to try and reach their target. (Core Fix this will apply to many monsters)
- Zombies will no longer apply the Infected Wounds debuff to players at an unintended range.
- Adjusted the way Zombies movement are affected by Decimate; zombies move at reduced speed when hit by Decimate but players will not be able to further reduce that speed.
- Added a small delay before new Zombies spawn after each Decimate.
- Reduced Gluths hitbox.

- The transition has undergone several waves of fixes, ultimately we're happy to have all issues fixed.
- Polarity Charges now properly increases players damage in phase 2.
- Threat will be transferred when tanks are thrown to the other platform in phase 1.
- Upon defeating Thaddius, players will now be able to use the portal to return to the center of naxxramas.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the clears, and to the members of the staff who have been recording those raids as all that footage has made a tremendous difference in having these issues fixed at the rate we've done. All confirmed issues in Abomation Wing has now been fixed, so if there are any issues you think we've overlooked make sure to use the Bug Tracker.

Naxxramas will remain open on the PTR until the wednesday reset on July 26th.
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