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Adventures on the High Seas (Part 4) - Explicit Language/Content


Feb 17, 2016
Greetings again Azeroth,

After Vol'jin's warnings, I knew grave dangers await those venturing in to Blackrock Mountain. Rifts are torn, barriers are weakened, and portals are ripped. After word from Vol'jin that I needed to get in contact with the High Elves to prepare accordingly for the new threats Azeroth was facing. I was contacted by Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, and it was off to the Undercity I went for a meeting with the previous high elf ranger turned banshee queen and the new leader of the Forsaken Undead.
After securing a Zeppelin for a safe trip to Tirisfal Glades, it was just a hop skip from the Zeppelin tower in to the depths of the now crumbled and broken city of Lordaeron.

This city was a maze when I was fighting to conquer it, it's still a maze to me to this day. Finding Lady Sylvanas was not easy, but after talking to a few guards, I was able to finally find her throne room and gain an audience with the elusive Horde leader.

Her voice was that of an angel with the tone of a serpent. She radiated pure beauty even though her presence felt like it could give me frost bite at any moment if she leaned closer. I almost forgot everything she told me I was so infatuated with her presence.

The conversation was blunt and to the point. I was tasked with seeking out Lothos Riftwaker, he had last been seen in Blackrock Mountain helping the High Elves maintain and control a portal between Azeroth and the very depths of the core of Blackrock Mountain. She gave me the necessary credentials to secure a ride on a giant bat from the heart of the Undercity far south to Kargath in the Badlands. The sights were great and the trip was not too long.

Things did not feel right as soon as I started nearing Blackrock Mountain. It seemed my old home had changed drastically since the Second War. Lothos, however, was easy enough to track down.

After being given my my next task of attuning myself and the <FANATICS> crew to the magical energies of the portal between Azeroth and The Molten Core, Lothos left me with a grave warning. A great evil was stirring in the depths and heart of Blackrock Mountain. Something was terribly wrong and we must remain vigilant so anything that threatened Azeroth could be kept at bay and the barriers could be rebuilt.

A trip in to the Blackrock Depths led us to the place Lothos had talked about and we were able to acquire Core Fragments and bring them back to him. Not a very difficult task, but it was a lot of people to attune so we could actually go through the rift between Azeroth and the Molten Core unharmed.

With that done, Lothos gave us his last task. We needed to head to Azshara and get in contact with the Duke of the Hydraxian Waterlords. He would be able to help us with dousing the runes of the Fire Lord located in the Molten Core.

It was quite a swim out to the island in Azshara's Bay of Storms that Duke Hydraxis called home. He said he had already gotten word that we would be coming from Lothos and gave us a small task of defeating the Lieutenants in the Molten Core and returning their hands to him to prove our worth to the Hydraxian Waterlords and our commitment to seeing the Molten Core kept under control.

This was not difficult at all, after the first week of being given the task the <FANATICS> crew had the Lieutenant's hands to present to Duke Hydraxis and we were given the Aqual Quintessences needed to douse the ruins and call forth Majordomo Executus.

With our Quintessences in hand, there was one final task to complete. Two of our strongest sailors were going to have to go toe to toe with the Fire Lord himself. Duke Hydraxis informed me of the Thorium Brotherhood, a group of dwarfs who had been living in and around Blackrock Mountain for as long as their history goes back. They would know the best equipment and ways to fend off the lava and flames of the Core. I had already met the friendlier dwarfs of the Brotherhood in my travels and knew of their stronghold at Thorium Point. I had great conversations with their leaders and they were willing to open up to us about their secrets on crafting some of the heartiest Fire Resistance gear on Azeroth.

Learning their crafting techniques proved just a bit difficult, but it didn't take long before our Blacksmiths got the hang of it. Before long, we had super sailors in great Fire Resistance sets ready to take on anything Ragnaros would throw at us.

After acquiring the necessary equipment for our sailor warriors, we needed a specific item from the Dark Iron Dwarves to enchant them with even more magical resistance to fire. Another trip in to Blackrock Depths led us to the King of the Dark Iron Dwarves.

After beating his face to a pulp, he gave up the information on where we could find what was called Burning Essences. A quick detour back through Blackrock Depths lead us to the Dark Coffer, and after already acquiring the Dark Keeper Key to the coffer, we were able to steal tons of Burning Essences. It was a good day for the guild.

With all the items acquired to enchant our gear to the max, we took them to Mathredis Firestar, one of Lothos' friends, located in the Burning Steppes. He had no problem enchanting our gear, we are truly blessed by the High Elves faith and trust in us. With everything ready, we headed back in to the Molten Core, felling any elite monsters that got in our way as we approached the spawning point of Majordomo Executus.

Upon beating Majordomo Executus in to submission, we forced him to meet us at the center of the Molten Core and summon Ragnaros the Fire Lord himself. This was nothing for the <FANATICS> crew as well. It was quite funny though, Ragnaros killed Majordomo upon being summoned. He wasn't strong enough to kill us though. We sent that motherfucker back to hell where he belonged. Let the Old Gods send something stronger if they want to take down the mortal races of Azeroth or even the <FANATICS> crew for that matter.

Upon exiting the Molten Core, we were greeted again by Lothos Riftwaker. He congratulated us on a job well done. The next thing he said however, sent chills down my body. The Molten Core barrier would never be truly sealed. It would be up to the Horde and Alliance armies week in and week out making sure the barrier stayed strong and Ragnaros never was able to make it out of his sanctum no matter how many times he put himself back together with the lava of the core. With this news, I thought it would be best to return to Lady Sylvanas to see what my next course of action should be.

Our meeting this time was shorter than the first. Simply condolences for those lost in the quest to kill Ragnaros and a warning to stay vigilant. She said to keep in constant communication with the rest of the High Elves as to any other problems arising from Blackrock Mountain. The evil energy permeating everything around that place made some of the most heartiest adventures choke and succumb to corruption. I would not allow this to happen to the <FANATICS> crew. We would face the evils bearing down on us head on and come out victorious. Never resting on our accomplishments. With some much needed shore leave, we took this moment to recuperate at the Salty Sailor tavern, when a goblin came in huffing and puffing out of breath to deliver me a message. Apparently some goblins had been forced in to manual labor in Blackrock Mountain to what most were calling the "New Lord of Blackrock." Further investigations were going to be needed in to the very tops of the mountain, and it was up to the <FANATICS> crew to see our quest in Blackrock Mountain through til the very end. Strongbad out!

Stay tuned for more tales about <FANATICS> adventures through Blackwing Lair. Also further tales of <ONSLAUGHTS> Army adventures in to the belly of the beast that is the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj and the New Horde Navy's support behind them. Also look for a possible role playing team up between the Alliance/Horde navy crews for a military onslaught down the coast of Kalimdor and in to the backdoor of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj for a constant resupply of troops and support to the Cenarion Hold Army and the initial Ally/Horde ground troops on their campaign in Silithus/AQ.

The way I see the RP side of the game at the moment is Horde's got an old well established Army, a brand new Navy, and a Goblin Air Force to support the races of Azeroth in the war effort. This will play in to the up and coming story I am building/developing. Can you smell Warcraft 1-3 hints yet? Feel like your reliving those games and Vanilla WoW right now? Just you wait.

You can also expect me to build a greater conspiracy behind the Cult of the Damned and Naxxramas either before or after the release and tie it in.

Also, here are the currently conscripted sailing vessels in the New Navy of the Horde:
Heedless - Ratchet Fleet - Ratchet
The Maiden's Fancy - Ratchet Fleet - Ratchet
Harbinger - Ratchet Fleet - Arathi Highlands
Tide Razor - Ratchet Fleet - Ratchet
Maiden's Dagger - Ratchet Fleet - Fray Island
Crimson Veil - Commandeered - Booty Bay
Damsel's Luck - Commandeered - Booty Bay
Riptide - Commandeered - Booty Bay
The Blightbringer - Tanaris Fleet - Lost Rigger Cove
The Windrunner - Tanaris Fleet - Lost Rigger Cove
The Casket Carrier - Under Construction - Lost Rigger Cove
The Queen's Reprisal - Commandeered and Under Repair - Lost Rigger Cove
The Iron Reaper - Commandeered and Under Repair - Lost Rigger Cove
Silvermoon's Pride - Under Construction - Eversong Woods
The Bloodoath - Under Construction - Eversong Woods
The Dawnchaser - Under Construction - Eversong Woods
The Sin'loren - Under Construction - Eversong Woods
Crimson Dawn - Under Construction - Eversong Woods
The Firehawk - Under Construction - Eversong Woods
Half Shell - Turtle Ferry - Currently Growing, SUPER CUTE

That is all for now. Farewell.

Your comrade in arms,

High Fleet Admiral of the Horde Warchief Thrall's New Navy
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