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Other Alchemy vs tailoring


New Member
Aug 13, 2016
Alchemy or tailoring. I got 3 chars, all low lvl atm, a warlock, a mage and a warrior. My main will most likely be the mage.

The warrior is mining and Blacksmithing. I know he will have to little ore, so I want to support it with one of the clothies. Having mining + tailoring on one and herbalism/alchemy on the other. But wich combo should I have on my main(mage) and wich combo on my alt(warlock).

Is either Tailoring or Alchemy more beneficial both while lvling and in the end game. Is tailoring useless at max lvl, but useful while lvling, or is it still useful at max even when raiding? (not sure yet if I will raid or not yet). And how is alchemy compared?
Tailoring = Bloodvine bonus + Mooncloth CD + bags
Alchemy = Arcanite/Essence of Water CD + flasks

Alchemy is way more profitable gold-wise, but Bloodvine! And bags are the great thing to have while lvling. And you can always lvl alchemy on a 35+ alt.

So I vote for tailoring for the main and alch for the alt, even while tailoring is slightly more useful for a warlock than for a mage (crit is more warlock stat because of Imp. SBolt + Felcloth things).
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