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Bartleby the Drunk won't complete and I'm not sure if it's a bug


New Member
Feb 27, 2019
The Lion's Pride Inn, Stormwind, Azeroth
Hey guys I know we're supposed to report bugs on the bug page and not here but the bug page specifically says to make sure it's actually a bug first so I figured I'd double check first and see if anyone else has experienced this.

Many months ago I started the quest Bartleby the Drunk by fighting a drunkard in the Old Town bar. I was then supposed to talk to him and then the class trainer paladin guy to complete the quest and then get a new stance. However, it wouldn't give me the next task when I talked to Bartleby. It said "complete quest" and hitting the button would make that quest completed horn sound but no new objective popped up or anything and it wouldn't let me talk to the class trainer. I was drunk and it was 6:30 am so I decided to put it off for later. I forgot about it and over the months kept forgetting which bar it was but recently came back to it. It still lets me talk to the drunk and gives me the button to complete the quest but clicking it doesn't complete it. The quest doesn't even show up in my quest tracker as far as I remember. And talking to the quest giver does nothing has anyone had this issue before? Is it a bug or has the class quest not yet been implimented? Reporting the bug might fix it for future players but is there any way to contact someone and have them set the quest to complete on my character? Thank you all for the help
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