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Rogue Best rogue race for pvp ALLY/HORDE


New Member
Apr 26, 2016
So was thinking about leveling a rogue. In my opinion best race would be human/dwarf/gnome for ally. Horde Ud/Orc/troll

Human = sick stealth dect. with cateye goggles.
Dwarf = stoneform = removes bleeds poisons diseases, also blind. Which is pretty sick.
Gnome = root remove = good to fk up mages
Nelf = Shadowmeld actually decreases u from being detected + 1% dodge

UD = Wotf ofc
Orc = Stun resist + dmg buff = pretty good againt melee/other rogues and good for pve aswell
Troll = just pve race


Oct 28, 2015
personally id choose dwarf/orc cos of uniqueness:
cos only in vanilla you can dispel blind via racial
stun resist have biggest percentage value in vanilla (25% vanilla/15% tbc/wotlk+ just reduces stun long on you) and works good here. also bloodfury doesnt removes stealth, earthstrike+bf works amazingly pvp and pve-wise

pvp trinket/mithril insignia compensates UD racial (fear dispel/immunity). charm effect mainly succubus' seduction, counterable via reflector/skull. only unpredictable rng thing is mc cap backfire.
escape artist really good thing and more flexible than stoneform cos of short cd (1 min), but stoneform sympathizing me more.
had a thought to level another race rogues just cos racials for special encounters, but oh well


New Member
Jul 24, 2015
It's unquestionably Gnome for alliance and UD for horde if pvp is your focus.
Do you care to bring some arguments? You might be right, but if you are, I'd like to know why before rolling Rogue.

I'd say it's Gnome OR Dwarf for Alliance and Undead OR Orc for Horde. I actually care especially about what the answer would be for Alliance.

Dwarf :
- Removes bleeds, poisons, diseases allows you to get rid of DoT (very good vs other rogues), which means allows you to go back to stealth, AND/OR removes blind to keep pressure without delay
- Resist cold: useful against one of your counters: the freeze mage

- Roots removal: invaluable vs these mages (much better than the dwarf resistance) - BUT we don't get ofc the other removal at all
- Smaller size: shouldn't matter if the opponent knows their business
- Engineering bonus: if I'm optimized, I'm an engineer, so why not, I always like a cherry on a cake, but it weights almost nothing in the scales

So could anyone compare these bonus and give me some explained advice? Thanks!
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