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bug: Murkdeep now spawning.


New Member
Oct 9, 2016
I know that some people done this quest successfully, but after 1 hour of killing hundreds of murlocs without Murkdeep spawning, this quest is obviously broken.
The original process is:
- kill all guards around the camp
- kill wave of low lvl spawns coming from the see
- finaly Murkdeep spawning

First I tried to solo it with a mage, but I was advised that maybe the boss is not spawning because of the too long breaks between fights (mana regen time).
So I went back with a pala, and we killed all murlocs including 3 waves from the sea in less than 10 minutes, not more than 30 sec between fights. Then the guards respawned in the order we killed them and the whole process started from the begining, still no sign of Murkdeep.

It is a pity since the quest reward is a nice wrist item and adds reputation to darnassus.
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