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    TwinStar team


Feb 12, 2019
[SuperMacro][Auto-Drink][Auto-Standup] ConjurerHelper 1.0c: https://pastebin.com/jAfMxEKa
[SuperMacro][Auto-Drink][Auto-Standup] ConjurerHelper 0.01f: https://pastebin.com/nFrgRmrm

A little spammable helper, conjuring refreshments for larger groups. The macro will conjure the amount specified in the settings, regenerate mana and continues conjuring until you have the specified amount of conjureables. This does not use any of the SuperMacro builtin functionalities so i'm pretty sure you could save it as a .lua file to use it as a standalone addon.

Usage: (to put in your macro.)
/run ConjurerHelper({water_amount = 20*20; food_amount = 20*20;})
-- optional settings: water_rank = 7; water_amount = 20*20; food_rank = 6; food_amount = 20*20; drink_rank = 7; drink_margin = 100;
Return: conjured item object or nil when the specified amount is satisfied.
Absolutely free to modify/redistribute/claim as your own.
Feel free to contact me, for bugs, feature requests, addon help or a friendly message.
Have fun. - A gnomish mage.
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