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Connection being disrupted

Apr 27, 2016
I've been stuck dead for about 30 min. First what happened was I ran all the way back to tirargarde keep from Sen'jin and I clicked "resurrect" and I spawned and walked around a little (there were other players) but then stood in the boss room an abnormally long time and nothing spawned, there were no other mobs anywhere, then I disconnected. I had trouble logging back in; I kept getting stuck on "connecting". Eventually I got in and it got stuck on the loading screen before booting me. I've gotten into the game twice but I'm dc'd the second I get in. I can run around but there's no mobs, my corpse is gone (so can't res), and every time I exit my ghost returns to the graveyard or near it. I restarted my laptop and the problem has persisted. I'd like a solution to this pls.
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