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Cut taxes to stimulate economy


New Member
Nov 17, 2019
Considering :
-We need a lively AH for great WoWing experience. At the moment our AH offers very little commodities and equipments.
-AH activity level is often a barometer or deal-breaker for people to decide if to stay or not
-We don't have adequate population for the AH to thrive under standard system
-We are the best Vanilla server but could use improvements

Proposing :
-Cap AH listing fee to 5 silver top
-Max listing time up to 5 days from 24h

-AH listing fee is based on vendor value, this makes for example plate items virtually non existent. It is not a fair system.
-People might don't have the time/gold nor the desire to relist products everyday

Expected benefits:
-AH is full of stuffs for everybody to enjoy

Possible drawbacks:
-lower profit for sellers since the competition would be fierce (but afaik when two or more private companies competes it leads to good quality and cheap price for consumers)
-triggering purists


New Member
Apr 21, 2016
I think keeping the game as close to as it originally was in 2004-2006 would be best. I think the server population will ebb and flow over time. If Blizzard abandons Classic, this server will be poppin' again. Or after a few years if Blizzard doesn't "reboot" classic, and Kronos does do a "fresh start" I think you will see the population swell again. But I doubt making subltle changes to the AH will help. If anything it will drive people away because of the deviation from the original experience.
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