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Debuff color on Unit Frames?


New Member
Apr 13, 2018
Hey all, I play healers and, for the two weeks I played retail, I ran Healbot Continued. My favorite feature was coloring the frames based on the debuff type. The original Healbot does this, but doesn't seem to allow click-to-target on the Healbot frames themselves (tried binding the /target command to leftclick in options, nothing happened) which is what I want...I'm not a mouseover kind of guy. So unless someone knows what I am doing wrong in Healbot, I'm moving on. Right now I have Luna Unit Frames installed, and I am not sure if it supports this feature. It does have debuff icons and I can add DebuffTimers to it, but that's not giving me the colored frames I'm looking for. Can Luna be configured this way, with or without a plugin? And if neither Healbot nor Luna can do it, what do you suggest?


New Member
Dec 28, 2015
It should be under Settings -> Raid -> Highlight -> On dispellable debuff (At least in the old version I am using; It's been updated since)
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