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Warrior Fury Warrior PvE Guide [1.12.1]


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Mar 7, 2016
Hello everyone,
yesterday I released my first PvE guide for Classic WoW. It is a guide for fury warriors: *click*

This guide contains the following information:
• Talent Build
• Spell Rotation
• Important Stats
• Tbe best race
• Macros
• Pre-Raid BiS Item List
• Pre-Raid BiS Enchants

I hope my guide can help you to have a better understanding of this class/spec.
Thanks for taking your time to read this post.

- Protcow
Pretty nice and compact guide.

You might want to go into the fact that 2h-fury is a lot better mostly because it's easier to start and less reliant on having 2 super rare weapons and 14%+ hit. Only needing 8% hit and having to farm Ironfoe ánd Felstriker ánd Edgemaster's is just insane for a "pre-raid" bis list. There are many warriors who have pretty much all the DPS gear from MC and BWL, but have never seen Ironfoe drop. Let alone both Ironfoe and Felstriker.

The amount of gear and hit needed for the point for dual wield to surpass 2h-fury, especially on Horde, is really quite a lot. Also if you've played Horde and experienced the joy that is Windfury you will lean even more towards 2h-fury.

As for the best race and Edgemaster's, they are based on the assumption that Glancing Blows work 100% "correctly", but anyone looking at any raidlogs can tell you that Glancing's don't nearly have as much of an impact as they "should". Making it so that right now +weapon skill isn't exactly as strong as people think, which is also why a lot of warrior who have Edgemaster's haven't even equipped them yet.
2h fury isn't great past MC unless you have a bonereaver's and this is assuming that the windfury tickbox is filled too, otherwise it's abysmal.

Hit gear is hardly relevant unless you're in AQ in which case you might struggle to find good crit/str pieces to avoid going over hit cap.

How much impact glancing blows "should" have hardly means anything since most servers butchered this mechanic. It takes some looking around, but the exact vanilla blizzard glancing formulas are out there on the internet and kronos is the first server I've come across to have implemented them fully.

Back on topic, the guide wrongly assumes that spamming execute sub 20% is the way to go. It works most of the time, but if you have a very slow MH or a 2h it's actually pretty tragic and you might end up doing less dps than your BT/WW rotation. Just to give one reason why this is the case, if you have enough AP (2k1+) a BT will do more damage than a 30 rage execute, and WW can also outscale execute if the right conditions are met.

With a slow MH watching your swingtimer can help sub 20% due to the possibility of fitting 2 globals between swings i.e. you can BT/WW+Execute than using just one highly inefficient execute. You don't even necessarily need 45 rage to BT+Execute before your next swing since there's a 20% chance that you'll proc windfury and effectively get a free execute.
You might want to go into the fact that 2h-fury is a lot better mostly because it's easier to start and less reliant on having 2 super rare weapons and 14%+ hit.

You can do 600+ easily with proper pre-raid Bis buffing/consumable/rotation in Kronos if you have Dal'rend combo. Ironfoe is amazing yep, but its not the ONLY way of doing decent and pulling your weight.

And glancing blows work properly AFAIK. I could notice my own damage increase when I bought an edgemaster. When people that made the report contacted me i told em i noticed a %3-5 damage increase overall depending on fight mechanics/duration. I didnt install glancing blow addon myself but a friend of mine had it up for nefarian fight and noticed the damage reduction working properly. Even if you dont use an addon you can easily see how it works if you use any combat log addon or Eavesdrop.

I liked the guide but you value %hit too much for pre-raid and didnt point out other weapon combos. You couldve just put a If you dont want to farm these two then go for Dal'rends or something in the bis gear list.

Also i would like to ask, which server did you mean when you included that 2nd spec for deep wounds? Just wondering which uganda-level script server overrides important debuffs with shitty dots.
Since pre bis was mentioned, thrash blade + mirah's song/bonescraper/flurry axe/bone slicing hatchet is totally the way to go if you're going to use consumables or world buffs at all. If you're playing alliance, spam hamstring while using it and if you're horde you should be already doing that regardless of weapon choice.
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when people say "spam hamstring" do they mean it literally or do they mean i should do it instead of heroic strike in a BT>WW>HS prio?
They mean that hamstring is a more efficient use of rage than heroic strike and heroic strike should only be used to avoid capping rage. BT/WW still come first.
Why on God's green earth would you use edge masters with ironfoe... that's beyond stupid. You just spent 1k+ to only buff your offhand. Voones vice grips are waaaaaay better
As far as hamstring goes ally side you would only use it with proc based weapons or darkroom card mael. Otherwise hs is far vetter
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Hamstring is still very relevant alliance side if you have slow weapons to abuse crusader and flurry uptime.
Thanks Haestingas, really appreciated!

A couple of more dumb questions:

With ironfoe + bb, should i put str or crusader on brutality blade?
Even though ironfoe has low damage, i still keep whirl wind as 2nd(technically 3rd i guess at <20%) prio in my rotation most of the time?
Double crusader 100%. It procs a lot on this server, not uncommon to have 2 procs at once. As for whirlwind, I wouldnt use that spell on single targets unless you are world buffed or blew CDs and have the rage to support it. You basically only use ww on single if both BT and OP are on CD and you still need to dump rage and neither of them are up in 1.5 seconds. With ironfoe you should be using overpower a ton (it's basically ww with +50% crit) especially when you are not super geared because it helps keep flurry up which is a huge deal.
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