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Paladin Help for gearing Holy Paladin


New Member
Sep 25, 2016
So I have been looking around on the internet for a few hours but I cannot find any definitive information on the specific question I have. Maybe some more experienced players can help me. So I decided to roll a Holy Paladin. I love the healer gameplay and after playing a Priest last year on Kronos I, I decided to give the paladin class a chance. Looking for late game BiS pre-raid list, I found a patchwork of leather, mail and cloth armor... (http://vanillagaming.org/forum/index.php?topic=19592.0) For me (And that's just my opinion) it is silly to play a paladin and wear anything less than plate. That's would be a dealbreaker for me. I understand paladin are considered the best single target healers, very mana efficient and that you don't need armor as a healer if your tank is competent but that's not the point. I want to play a healer that wears plate armor, period. Is it possible to heal while wearing plate and still be relevant? I find the idea of a clothadin very silly flavor-wise. Is there any plate armor that gives the stats that a paladin need to be competitive late game or do paladin HAVE to wear cloth/leather to be healers in vanilla? Let's say I do not want to wear cloth/leather EVER on my paladin and play as a healer. Is it realistic or should I reroll now and play another class because I will never be able to find plate gear with the stats I need?
Dec 25, 2014
I am not a paladin pro, but i saw a pvp healing guide somewhere that only had plate items in it, maybe you should look for something like this as a starting point. The beaat healing for paladins is partially non plate gear. Therefore you might be able to compete but certainly not be top tier. Only when naxx comes out, this changes with t3. Conclusion: doable but def not the best. Find a guild who can deal with it.


Sep 22, 2014
Athens, Greece
You can actually pick what ever has intelect and +healng rate as major stat and crit as secondary, no matter if it is cloth/leather/plate armor piece. His considered a good healer and always a raiding guild carries one or two at least within raid. The T1 plate is mostly PvP if you havent picked already the Knights set. So, in other word hes a good healer, single target, and really mana efficient.


Jan 13, 2009
Well, the list you found currently doesn't apply here. Dire Maul is not open yet, so most of the contents of that list are not available.

Next, it's a really bad idea to go full plate before T1, since your equipment would be rather bad. I guess it could look something like this:

Head: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=12633
Shoulder: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=12625 / Lightforge
Chest: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=13168
Wrist: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=18741
Hands: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=12637
Belt: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=18702
Legs: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=18739
Boots: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=22270

As content is released, you would be replacing your gear with mostly T1 set. Abyssal plate gear of restoration is not really worth it (no intel, some mp5 and +healing), and D2 is far away to be considered an option.

However, you only mention cloth and leather, so if mail armor is fine with you, there's some pretty decent mail equipment available.
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