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Warlock HELP Lock quest not appear!

Jun 24, 2016
I have another lock which is at lvl 33 now,he has the imp+void+felhunter but no succubus...
I tried going to gakin in sw but he doesnt offer it anymore.However someone told me to go IF warlock guy and maybe u can get it from him,atm he doesn't have the quest either but he does have a silver marker on top of his head.

It seems like if u outlevel the quest by 10level or more then u cant receive the quest anymore....
Anyone know a fix to this or had this problem?I guess only solution is ticket.Thanks!

Edit:Found it after some research.(I am human lock)
Go to IF to Lago Blackwrench guy and he will have the quest for succubus.
On wow nost I could get it through SW but here not so u must go their if someone looks back at this:)
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