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How to do seasonal vanilla WoW correctly!


New Member
Jun 21, 2019
How to do seasonal vanilla WoW "correctly":

- Level gets cut down to 40-50ish every 3-6 months instead of starting from level 1, because... level 1 sucks; all professions remain levelled, all major PvP quest rewards items remain (skull of impending doom, nifty stopwatch, linkens boomerang, barov peasant caller), 4 equipped bags remain, some/all (wipe dependant, the key is always having a strong core base of things that STAY DONE, but certain things are chaotically changed to keep things interesting) creatable PvP engineering remain through the purge, but all other gear is removed except a baseline of a few hundred gold or less, subject to change based on the season
- Free kits are given in a way to balance things, kits are changed every season at random, with possible event and seasonal themes, fiery weapon given to classes that need them (hunters are completely nude with nothing but a worn dagger most seasons, obviously, {semi-unironically})
- Seasons last 3-6 months, 1 month of level 40-50 cap, 1 month of 60 cap, 1 month of some endgame patch, always subject to change based on season to keep things interesting ("classic+" but without ACTUALLY changing anything at all, just keeping alive content and gathering players at the right time and level), level squish balance is always around ensuring the exact healthy amount of players at the most healthy level and gear positions, don't think what YOU would personally like the most, but how much you would tolerate to get the exact healthy populations to keep the peak vanilla content moments alive, "naxxramas" becomes its own event, the season that will progress to nax starts at level 55, progresses fast and lasts extra long, up to 6 months... all phases have votes as to what we want to see as a community with the number 1 goal being retaining population and NEVER changing blizzlike, merely specifying wipe parameters and progression parameters, you WILL have to earn everything blizzlike at least ONCE

Don't get hung up on specifics if you hate some specific thing and want to respond... do you like any idea at all? Would you play this seasonal realm? Would love feedback and input!

Other broader notes:

- Prioritize an addon for communication with other regions, obviously; an auto translator, specifically quality of life and 1.14 support, this could be the only way to maintain healthy populations
- Prioritize modding 1.14 client visually, perfecting the emulator, perfecting addons integrated with the server, 1.14 addon compatibility, 1.12 custom patches for modern compatibility

Crossposting to Reddit and a few private server forums...

...first Kronos cuz Kronos was lit and underloved... and this idea could function well with a low population, every 3 months a few dozen players would be a reasonable base for a few weeks at least, provided interesting kits and a smart competent dev team
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