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Horde <Indecisive> NA LFM For Naxx!!

Mar 10, 2016
NA Horde recruiting looking for competent raiders. Gear not an issue just come ready to raid. Raid time Sun/Mon/Weds 7-11 eastern (1am-5am server) We have 15/15 naxx. Exp but are prepared to take a step back to BWL/AQ etc and gear people up to clear Naxx again. We have the will and a solid core. We do 20 mans tues/fri as well as MC Friday nights after zg. We are providing protection potions for raiders and can help with other consumes as well!! Forget K3 leveling and farming hassles! Raid hassle and stress free with an established and experienced crew right away! Whisper Reasonabull/Reasonss/Ragingreason/Sipko/Zirkler in game for details.
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