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Inglourious Basterds --- AUS - NZ - Oceanic Guild

Jul 29, 2016
Guild Name [Alliance] <Inglourious Basterds>
Primary Language English
Guild Type PvE Semi-hardcore 2-3 raid says a week depending on how many raids there are. 2 days in the beginning
How To Join Talk to Gallimar#5885 or Ajanthis#2991 or Mickaoz#2053 and we will invite you to our discord. : https://discord.gg/USK9hQ
Raid Times: 11:00-15:00 Servertime.
GMT+1: same as Servertime.
CET: same as Servertime.
EST: is 5am.
AEDT: is 9pm.
These raid times usually fit oceanic people but anyone is allowed to join.
Loot System: DKP
About Us: Were a new guild starting on Kronos3. Our GM has naxx experience from the good old days of vanilla, so we are positive that we will be able to clear all the content vanilla has to offer as smoothly as possible. We are a raiding guild but we wont be going hardcore mode as there is basically not much point in doing so. All guilds (most...) have to go through progression and we will aswell, it takes a while as you all know to get people working together. But we assure you that eventually everything will as we said, be cleared.
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