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Rogue Insight into grenade/sapper charge cooldowns and usage?


New Member
Apr 27, 2016
Hello all,

I've been reading up on preparing for raiding (how to get various consumables and such) and one thing I keep seeing mentioned is engineering, particularly for thorium grenades and goblin sapper charges. I'm having a hard time finding what the normalized dps values are for these (i.e. damage / per cooldown) because it's hard to find the cooldowns for them (see: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=15993#created-by , no mention of the cooldown).

Also, it appears as if they are not usable on stun immune targets, and thus shouldn't be relevant for boss fights, or am I wrong? I've seen videos on youtube of rogues utilizing the grenades for clears of the Suppression Room, for example, but I am unsure of their usability outside of trash clearing.

If anybody could help me out with understanding the actual superior utility of engineering I'd really appreciate it, I don't want to have to drop something just to level it later on a brand new realm.
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