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Hunter Is it still possible to solo DMT after the latest update?


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May 2, 2019
Here is the answer:

With the latest update on Kronos 3 King Gordok is now able to charge you multiple times while you're kiting him, making the encounter quite more challenging (and fun) if you're trying to solo it. In the video you'll see my very first successful attempt so it's not a perfect run since I was still trying to figure out the best strategy and I had to improvise a bit to recover from time to time.

Keep in mind that he's going to charge you every 20/25 seconds so after you eat the first charge you'll have to count up to 18 or so and then remove your Aspect of the Cheetah, this way you won't get that nasty daze effect. Another thing to anticipate is where he's going to push you next, because every time he charges you you'll also get tossed a few meters away and sometimes you might end up in pack of mobs, so to prevent this you might have to change your kiting route and do a bigger circle around the arena depending on the timing of the next charge. Also as usual you might want to keep an eye on those rooting totems and avoid them.

I didn't use any consumables other than bandages, but if you want to make the encounter a bit easier/quicker you might want to bring a pair of mana potions so you can Multishot and/or Arcane Shot too without being afraid of running out of mana. I only used Serpent Sting and auto shoot other than Aiming Shot and Immolation Trap at the beginning.

My character has a medium tier gear (mostly MC and ZG), feel free to check it here. I didn't respec specifically for this encounter, I just used my usual PvP spec. I had my boots enchanted with minor speed and I had 2/2 points in Pathfinding to get an extra 6% speed with AoC.

I hope this can help some brave fellow Hunter out there who still wants to be King (of the Gordok).
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