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Alliance K3 <Heroes of the Swordcoast> EU PVE guild


New Member
Sep 26, 2018
Hello all,

Heroes of the Swordcoast is recruiting people for the Raid roster.
We raid Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 21h30 - 0h30. Not all evenings are in obligation and we may change the raids times.
We began our first raid on the 09/12. We actualy made ZG and expand members to make MC / ONY raids and after other 40 mans and 20 man raids.
People in guild have nice mind and are not bad players.
We actualy need healers, ranged DPS. but all people are welcome.

If you need more informations or wanna join please Wisp Ginha or Pessimus or Winked or Aareth or Ahraina or Scholaras or Fygly :)


New Member
Sep 26, 2018

We are actually raiding Sunday and Thursday 21h30 - 0h30. Tuesday is actualy optionnal.
We have a core of approx 20 level 60 Members.
We are farming ZG (Cleaed all times in 2h30 - 3h). and will begin MC (in alliance with another Guild with the same state of mind) on this Sunday or the next because of Christmas.
We are looking for nice minded people and good playing ones.
We have 2 Raid leaders, one with sexy voice and one other with french accent ... :p

Need in prio (but all others are welcome too) :
- Mages
- Warlock
- Priest Heal and Shadow priest.
- Melees (Rogue / Feral / Fury).
- One Drood Heal

We also recruit all lowbies who plan to be 60 and raiding with the guild.
We dont want to recruit kid minded people our guild is mature and we play for fun (but we have a nice player core).

Wisp Ginha, Ahraina, Winked, Pessimus, Fygly, Aareth for questions about the guild or recruitement.
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