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Problem Launcher Issues


New Member
Apr 1, 2019
Hello all,

I recently started playing on here, and have had trouble connecting every time I go to play.

It will start with saying the DivxDecoder.dll cannot be found and recommends reinstalling the program. I have a friend who plays on here as well, so he's shared that file so I can just replace it instead of having to uninstall/reinstall every time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I've reinstalled completely twice.

If I can get to where the launcher will come up, it never connects. I have updated the realmlist wtf file to each of the three options, and will always get the "cannot connect to news server, please check your network and try again later" with play blacked out. I give it a reasonable amount of time to connect before I adjust the realmlist incase the connection is just slow. I have also tried to run the repair tool, but it won't connect to a sever either.

Anyone have any other suggestions I can try?

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