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Looking for casual guild - Horde - CST

Feb 9, 2018
A friend and I just joined Kronos and we are looking for a casual guild.

We play during the day some mostly, but may play at night some as well. Really slow paced, but we've played wow for 10 years and started in Vanilla back in the day :)

Horde Undead Rogue (Kalimore) and Mage level 8 right now with 2 hunters (Arcilite) level 8 as well.

Maybe would eventually do some dungeons, but nothing hard core (were back in the day, but don't really have that kind of time anymore)

Just looking for a good group that is friendly :) Would love to have a couple of gold, decent little green weapons, and some bags, but other than that, we'll manage on our own as we level.

Mainly just wanted to get back into the Vanilla experience.

Hit me up in game if I'm on, or on here. Thanks!
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