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Alliance <Memento> International PvE oriented guild


Mar 1, 2013
Memento (EU) is a PvE oriented guild since the launch day of K3.

We started as Cz/Sk guild and we were hosting every MC/Ony pug since the opening. We moved from Cz/Sk to EU, inviting the great people we met on our pugs. We are still looking for more experienced raiders for our raiding core.
Currently, we are looking mostly for warlocks, rogues, fury, druids, but every good player is welcomed. We require regular attendance on our raids, no drama personality. We offer spot in raid full of experienced players, friendly enviroment.

Our raiding times are Saturday 19:00 ST (MC) and Sunday 19:00 ST (Ony), since the Ony buff will be available in MC soon, we might be doing both on Saturday.

Thank you for your time.
If you are interested, please, contact Theory, Sabroan ingame or visit our website https://mementoeu.shivtr.com/
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