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Rogue NE Rogue question


New Member
Nov 11, 2017
So when these NE rogues jump me, I hit them with SW:p and Devouring Plague....

The NE Rogue has some ability to constantly combat stealth and they usually try and leave/reenter combat 3-4 times....then come back with a non-combat move.
  • Do they still retain the DoTs when this happens?
  • Are they shedding any debuffs? Touch of Weakness, Vampiric Embrace, Shadow Weaving, etc
Jul 15, 2016
Rogue can vanish and cheap shot you before DoT tick will dmg him and put him out of the stealth, so it's totally doable if timed good. Can be done twice with the Preparation - so you will get Cheap Shot 3 times in total.
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