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Horde Only remaining NA Guild Server-wide looking for more players


New Member
Nov 8, 2016
Greetings people of Kronos,

< Gross Crew >, a new active raiding guild ( and the last North America based one to my knowledge) on the server is looking for new members of all classes over level 30. We are a NA based guild but we do have more than a couple EU members and try to make our raid times feasible for different time zones( Pacific US, Eastern, European, etc)

As for progression, we recently cleared ZG (no wipes just reset Hakkar twice) and we’re looking to do AQ20 in the coming week, and we’re in discussions to partner with other prominent guilds for 40 man content (BWL, Onyxia, maybe AQ40). We also actively participate in the weekly Molten Core PUG hosted by Sinful on Fridays
As for raid times, we’re doing ZG at 22:30 ST (4:30pm Eastern Standard Time) every Sunday. We are trying to accommodate both our EU/NA members. Additionally, we are looking for players from all classes but are in specific need of mages, druids, and shamans.

If interested in joining or learning about Gross Crew, feel free to whisper me (OpruhWinfury) or any guild member/officer. The only requirements we have are knowledge of English, Discord, no toxic players, and 20+ in age.

Thank you and happy adventures.
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