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Other Onyxia Guide - Alliance


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Dec 20, 2012
Hi every1,

This is a guide for Alliance to receive the Drakefire Amulet to enter Onyxias Lair.

NOTE: The first quest has a level requirement of 48, but higher is desirable to complete necessary quest content. This is a long chain, involving alot of work and world travel, but the reward is invaluable - the key to the mighty Onyxia's lair. You will reap the benefits of raiding Onyxia only upon completion of this series.

Walkthrough - Drakefire Amulet:

1. Dragonkin Menace
Talk to Helendis Riverthorn at Morgan's Vigil in Burning Steppes to get the first quest in the chain. Dragonkin Menace is for characters of level 54 or higher, and sends you off to slay 15 Black Broodlings, 10 Black Dragonspawn, 4 Black Wyrmkin and 1 Black Drake. These can be found in camps around the zone. You may need some help with the Wyrmkin and Drake which are elite. Return to Morgan's Vigil when you're finished.

2. The True Masters 1-6
Helendis will send you off on a series of deliveries, beginning with a letter that must go to Magistrate Solomon in the Town Hall of Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains. Solomon will ask you to speak with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in Stormwind, who is in the center room of Stormwind Keep. After chatting with Bolvar and Lady Katrana Prestor in Stormwind, you must return to Solomon in Lakeshire, then back to Morgan's Vigil in Burning Steppes to talk to Marshal Maxwell. Maxwell will ask you to find Ragged John, who is at the Flame Crest cave almost directly north of Morgan's Vigil, and report on Marshal Windsor's whereabouts.

3. Marshal Windsor (BRD)
Upon hearing that Marshal Windsor is still alive, Marshal Maxwell sends you into Blackrock Depths to find him. Windsor is in a locked cell not far from the entrance to the instance. The key to the cell drops off of High Interrogator Gerstahn who can be found a little further. Alternatively, a rogue with sufficient lockpick skill can open the cell.

4. Abandoned Hope
Marshal Windsor has bad news for you to take back to Marshal Maxwell in Burning Steppes.

5. A Crumpled Up Note (BRD)
Marshal Maxwell doesn't give you any indication what to do next, but the quest chain does continue. "A Crumpled Up Note" is given as a random drop in Blackrock Depths, and instructs you to deliver the note to Marshal Windsor in his cell. This can be done in a 10-man raid and everyone who needs the quest can pick up the note.

6. A Shred of Hope (BRD)
Windsor wants you to retrieve his lost information from General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach, each of which drops an item required for this quest. This has to be done in a 5-man group, and it's a good idea to clear the Manufactory area of BRD first as the Golem Lord will call in help from there if the mobs are still alive. Take the two pieces of information back to Marshal Windsor.

7. Jail Break! (BRD)
At this point you will have to escort Marshal Windsor to his equipment in the supply room and to free his friends in other cells. He's a good fighter once he has his gear, but the best approach is to clear the entire jail area beforehand. When this is done it's back to Marshal Maxwell in Burning Steppes.

8. Stormwind Rendezvous
Maxwell tells you to meet Marshal Windsor at the gates of Stormwind. Travel to the gate a wait just inside them for a minute and Windsor will appear.

9. The Great Masquerade
Follow Windsor to Stormwind Keep where he reveals all that he knows to Highlord Bolvar and exposes Lady Prestor. A nasty fight will ensue, but you can't do much to help. Everything will go fine if you just stay out of the way and let Bolvar handle it, so enjoy the show.

10. The Dragon's Eye
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon will give you a fragment of a medallion and tell you to seek out a being capable of restoring its power. That being is Haleh in Winterspring, who is on top of a mountain in the southwest part of the zone. To get to her look for a teleport rune at the back of a cave full of dragonkin, which will teleport you up to where she is. It's quite easy if you can stealth, but if you can't, try an invisibility potion or get some help.

11. Drakefire Amulet (UBRS)
Haleh needs the blood of General Drakkisath from Upper Blackrock Spire. Drakkisath is the last boss in the instance, and you'll need a 10-man raid to take him down. Although you can't loot the blood without the quest, he only drops 2-4 blood each time, so depending on how many people in your group are on the quest, you may have to roll for it. When you take the blood back to Haleh he will give you your Drakefire Amulet, which grants you access to Onyxia's Lair.

12. Keep the Drakefire Amulet in your inventory to be allowed access into Onyxia's Lair when you raid! You need not WEAR the amulet, simply have it on your character.

Hope this will help you out,

Best Regards
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