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Hunter Pet Happiness Bug?


New Member
Nov 9, 2018
I'm a level 11 Hunter with a boar pet, and I seem to be constantly fighting to keep his happiness in the green. I'll feed him 10 food at neutral to get him into the green, but after maybe 5-10 minutes it drops back down to yellow. I played Hunter in classic WoW, and I don't remember it decaying so quickly. I feel like I'm playing a survival game right now :( Anyone else seeing this?
I'm sure you figured this out by now, but this is more for others who might look at this thread or wonder / experience the same thing as I and you did.

When a pet is newly tamed, it needs to feed A LOT. As it racks up the loyalty levels, it feeds less and less. Seems to be the way it was and as far as I can tell is working as intended, Just get a lot of food for a new pet and after a few hours it'll be unnoticeable again.
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