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Rogue Rogue PVE Guide


New Member
Dec 20, 2012
Here my favorite rogue-guide from sheina. Once wrote my own but i focused on pvp. This is C&P :

First of all I’m going to use some shortcuts so I don’t type the full name of the abilities every time.

0. Copy and Paste : C&P

1. Slice and Dice : S&D

2. Sinister Strike: SS

3. Backstab: BS

4. Eviscerate: Evisc

5. Adrenaline Rush: AR

6. Blade Flurry: BF

7. Combo Points: CP

1. Rogues Basic Commands.

-Keep S&D up at all times and what I mean with this is that you keep it 100% of the time, don’t let it run off for 2-3 seconds because if you do that then you already lost a couple of white hits, keep an eye on your S&D and refresh it when there is 0 or 1 second left on it.

-Don’t let your energy cap. Keep in mind that you get 20 energy every 2 seconds so try to use BS or SS every time you can.

-Try to maximize your time on a target. There is nothing more I can say about it, just stay as much as you can on a target and hit it very hard and very fast!

-Don’t do stupid things that might come into wiping the raid.

-Don’t die. If you are dead you can’t do anything so try keep yourself alive, always bring some healing potions it might save you more than once and always have around 20 bandages per raid so you can bandage yourself.(I usually bring around 40-60 bandages to bandage other people as well). If you are a rogue that just got into raiding using flasks of titans to avoid dying and boost your hp is a really good choice, eventho I’m running around 5.4k hp with buffs I use flask of titans as well for progress raids, that will be with the release of the rest AQ40 bosses and upcoming Naxxramas. Using your Sprint, Vanish, Evasion is also a lifesaver, use it properly and your survivability will increase. I usually use Sprint more offensively than defensively, Evasion when I take aggro at trash mobs and Vanish to reset aggro, bosses like Vaelastrazs in BWL. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t pull aggro so wait for 2-3 sunders 1st before going all out and watch your KTM .

-Use your cooldowns properly. What I mean with this is that you should use your cooldowns when you know you will be for more than 15 seconds on a target. I usually use all my cooldowns at the start so they are ready again when the boss hits 20% hp. For example Chormmagus in BWL, I open with garrote and hide, wait for 1st breath and then go all out with AR and BF, AR is ready again when the boss hits around 20% Hp. And I get the chance to use BF 3 times before he is dead.

-Always be prepared for raids. Bring health potions, magic resist potions, POISONS, bandages, Thistle Tea I usually bring around 10x per raid, elixirs which will be: Elixir of Mongoose, Elixir of Giants & Elixir of Brute Force; and food which will be Smoke Desert Dumplings. I also like getting for every raid the Dark Moon Faire buff which is in Mulgore and you get 10% increased dmg for 2 hours. The way to get it is talk with the NPC “Sayge” and do the following talk combination:

Yes>Slay the man>Execute your friend painfully.

-Keybinds & Knowing the enemy. This is one of the most important aspects for a rogue if you want to succeed in PvE & PvP. About keybinds what I have to say is NEVER CLICK , why? Because it’s not good for you, it slows you and makes you lose time and losing time makes you lose dps. Try keybind atleast the most important abilities regarding pve/pvp and YES I’m a person that keybinds his hearthstone eventho its 1 hour cooldown just because I hate clicking. DON’T think that I think clickers are bad, not at all i know people that click some or most of their spell but they are good at it so why shouldn’t you click? It’s just with keybinds makes it go easier, You can just press your buttons while moving with the mouse and watching what’s going around, if you click you gotta stop moving and the rogue class is a class that needs to move. Some pve fights you can just stand still and maybe not move at all for a whole fight but some fights you have to move while dpsing and yes if you are a clicker then your dps is going to suffer it by a lot. About Knowing your enemy well what can I say about this is if you are pvping then PvP more till you know all the spells that the other players have and try find a way to avoid them or stop them. About PvE the most important thing you have to do before getting into a raid is knowing what place you are going 1st, so lets say we are going BWL tonight, so what im going to do is type “Black Wing Lair guide” in Google and you will find a lot of pages that explain you every boss with details. I personnaly recommend WoWWiki since there is every single boss in the game and the best strategy to deal with it. Read it carefully if you have to do it more than once do it , understand at least what abilities the boss can cast on you and avoid them or deal with them by knowing what to do. For example Baron Geddon fight in Molten Core and you get the “Living Bomb” then if you have read what this guy does then you know how to react, if you didn’t then yeah you will probably blow up the raid and that’s just not good.

2. Rogues Spec, Weapons Choice, Caps & Rotations


I’m only going to post the 2 best specs for rogue pve that is:

-Combat daggers http://www.wowprovider.com/?talent=1...2055010022105p

-Combat swords


-*Combat swords if you are a Human and have Maladath sword.


-*Combat daggers alternative spec, mostly for BWL

There is other nice specs for PvE like Seal Fate/Combat but it’s not the best so im not talking about it.

Weapons Choice:

There has been a lot of talking about Daggers or Swords. Well here is my opinion

Daggers>Daggers>Daggers>Daggers>Daggers>Daggers & Daggers.

Why? Simply because i like Daggers more than Swords but as far as I saw until now sword rogues are doing great damage and usually will do more vs bosses with high armor and as far bosses are made in feenix server (All with high amount of armor, I might be forced to go swords too since daggers gets behind in those fights)

My opinion about this Daggers and Swords are both a great choice. We will see how naxx goes and I will keep updating this post with more thoughts about Daggers or Swords but I still think combat swords is really nice and it’s a spec I’m looking forward to test as well, since I’ve been playing always daggers but as I said daggers it’s still the way to go.


Hit raiting: 9% from gear and 5% from talent which makes it 14%. I’m running with 19% at the moment and I think it’s good since the most of our dmg is white hits. The hard cap for white hits is 24% this will make sure that you don’t miss any white hit, but if you are aiming for that much hit watch out not to drop your crit below 30%.

Weapon Skill: Reduces the dmg reduction from Glancing Glows.You can know more about weapon skill here: http://valkyrie-wow.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9476 (Thanks to crotchrot for letting me know about it.)


This is the best Daggers opening + rotation.

Garrote>S&D>Backstab>Backstab>S&D> Backstab>Backstab>Backstab>…..

Remember to keep S&D always up and it’s not necessary to do 5 CP S&D. I usually do it with 2-3 CP and sometimes with 4 CP (giving a reason why I do it sometimes with 4 CP at the Rupture explanation).

(There is situations when sometimes you got 2 seconds left on S&D And you got 60energy to backstab. Well the best you can do to handle this situation is to wait 1 more second refresh S&D and then Backstab, because if you use Backstab then you will have to wait 4 seconds to get a new S&D up and you already lost 2 seconds without having S&D up and you can’t allow that to happen. Keep that in mind and it might sound stupid but doing that over & over in a fight makes the difference between being 1st or 5th).

About Rupture use it when you have 4 or 5 combo points and your S&D is up. Also remember to use it when you can make sure you will get S&D before it ends. What I mean with this is kinda the same as the last Backstab example, so basically if you got 4 or 5 CP and you have S&D up and there are more than 5 seconds left then use use Rupture for sure, if there are 5 seconds or less you got 2 choices:

1- If you have 60 energy or more: use Rupture which will give you +25 energy because of the Relentless Strikes Talent then use Backstab and S&D.

2- If you have less than 60 energy use Rupture and you got 2 choices here aswell:
First one is: If you get an additional CP because of the Ruthlessness talent then COOL! keep going refresh your S&D and then backstab>backstab etc….
Second one: If you didn’t get that additional CP because Ruthlessness because you are so unlucky then the best you can do is use SS and refresh S&D before it goes off.

So a sum up with all this:

Garrote>S&D>Backstab>Backstab>S&D> Backstab>Backstab>Backstab>Backstab…

And Rupture with 4-5 CP.

Not talking about Evisc since you never get the chance to use it. In the Vael fight in BWL it’s a good choice to use it since you got infinite energy. Keep in mind that you can only Evisc if you have S&D and Rupture up, so Vael fight makes the only fight that allows you using Evisc.

And this is the best swords opening + rotation.


Keep Rupture and S&D Up everytime and as this spec if you got rupture + S&D up you can evisc, but only if you have both up else DON’T DO IT.

3. Poisons Choice.

So after testing a lot in the poisons choice I decided that the best is having Instant poison on main-hand and deadly poison on off-hand for Bosses and double instant poison for trash. This choice of poisons is for both weapons specs Daggers or Swords.

The reason of using double instant poison for trash is because it’s better since you barely get the chance to stack 5 deadly poisons on a trash mob.

Using Instant Poison on main-hand and Deadly Poison on off-hand is the best for bosses because once you stack those 5 deadly poisons on the boss each tick does 152 to 156 + based on attack power, with all the buffs+ elixirs+ food for me it ticks for around 180-190 dmg each tick, also using Deadly Poison on off-hand is the best choice since you hit faster (considering you are using a dagger with 1,60 or 1,70 speed or if you are swords a fast speed sword then, like Maladath) . About Instant Poison its really nice to have it too because of the dmg.

But it sems that the 16 debuff limit was fixed so now we are forced to use Instant Poisons on both weapons.

4. Gear & Enchants Choice:

Here what I’m going to do is post the best pre-raid gear that you can get and the best raid gear available at the moment in Feenix Server. (I will try keep updating it as new bosses get released)

Pre 20-40man raid Gear:What I mean here is the best gear you can get before stepping out to ZG/Aq20 and further. So UBRS gear is included. Not hard to do UBRS now a days huh?

Head: Darkmantle Cap
Neck: Pendant of Celerity (Lord Valthalak from UBRS)
Shoulder: Truestrike Shoulders
Back: Cape of the Black Baron (Baron Rivendare in Stratholme)
Chest: Darkmantle Tunic
Wrist: Darkmantle Bracers
Hands: Darkmantle Gloves
Waist: Darmantle Belt/Mugger’s Belt is your best choice If you are daggers from Dire Maul North.
Legs: Darkmantle Pants/Plaguehound Leggings from Stratholme trash.
Feet: Darkmantle Boots
Ring 1: Painweaver Band (General Drakkisath from UBRS)
Ring 2: Don Julio’s Band (From AV aswell exalted aswell)
Trinket 1: Hand of Justice (from Emperor in BRD)
Trinket 2: Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas
Main-Hand: The Lobotomizer (Alterac Valley Exalted- Takes 1-2 days to get it so its easy)
Off-hand: Alcor’s Sunrazor (Check ah its usually cheap) or Felstriker from Rend in UBRS
Ranged: Satyr’s Bow (from DM east)

Best raid gear:

Head: Deathdealer’s Cap
Neck: Prestor’s Talisman of Connivery (Nefarian) or Barbed Choker (Fankriss aq40)
Shoulder: Deathdealer’s Spaulders (T2.5)
Back: Cloak of Concentrated Hatred (Prophet Skeram)
Chest: Bloodfang Chestpiece
Wrist: Qiraji Execution Bracers (Twin Emps Aq40)
Hands: Aged Core Leather Gloves (If you are daggers and you get them in MC) or Gloves of Enforcement (If you are swords from Battleguard Sartura in AQ40)
Waist: Bloodfang belt
Legs: Deathdealer’s Leggings
Feet: Boots of the Shadow Flame(Nefarian) or Deathdealer’s Boots (T2.5) any of those are a good choice.
Ring 1: Master Dragonslayer’s Ring
Ring 2: Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight
Trinket 1: Drake Fang Talisman (Ebonroc in BWL)
Trinket 2: Job Gabbar (Ouro from Aq40) /Hand of Justice (if swords sems to be bis at the moment.)
Main-Hand: Perdition’s Blade (if daggers) or Ancient Qiraji Ripper (if swords)
Off-hand: Blessed Qiraji Pugio (if daggers) or Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight (if Swords)
Ranged: Striker’s Mark (from Magmadar in MC) or Crossbow of Imminent Doom (from Ossirian in aq20)

Alright so here is a little update, I think feenix fixed the proc of Maelstrom card since I see it doesn’t proc that often as before, I remember before as daggers sometimes I was getting 2 procs in 5 seconds and that was crazy. I don’t really know if it was bugged or not but I saw that my Maelstrom Card doesn’t proc that often anymore so I think Hand of Justice is the best to go for instead of Maelstrom Card at the moment.

Best PvE enchants:

Head: Zg enchant 28 ap/1% dodge.
Shoulders: Zg enchant 30 attack power.
Back: 3agility.
Chest: 4stats.
Wrist: 9strenght.
Gloves: 15agility or if you don’t have much gold 7 agility.
Legs: Zg enchant 28ap/1% dodge.
Boots: 7agility.
Main-Hand: +5 Weapon Damage. This one sems to be the best, thanks to all the rogues that replyed on the forums about it and gave me another opinions about this enchant, im also using it at the moment and it does pretty well for daggers since you get some nice backstabs damage boost. I would like to hear more thoughts about this for swords since I still think crusader might be the best if you are swords.
Off-Hand: 15agility.
Ranged: 3% hit. It doesn’t apply to melee hits but why not have it enchanted too when you have to shoot with your bow? =)

Credits: Sheina
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Oct 5, 2014
Southern California, USA
About opening with garrote, a lot of the time I just run up and start the backstabbing with autoattack on, because the time it takes you to slowly stealth to get behind the boss (assuming you aren't unstealthed in the process, which happens quite a bit) you're already losing out on the white hits. Off the top of my head garrote is like, 1k-1.5k damage? something like that. A few good whites/crits will already take care of that.


Aug 13, 2013
Rember darkmantle will not aviable on start, also unsure on poison scaling with ap on kronos ;D


Jan 15, 2009
As i know, poisons don't scale (and should not).
Garote is waste of time, many bosses are immune to it and it's 3rd category debuff so it's quickly overwiriten by debuffs with higher priority in raid.


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Aug 19, 2014
Some tips to maximize dps:

1. You should always try to activate Adrenaline Rush when there's 1 second or less on your next energy regeneration tick, that allows you to get 8 ticks on increased energy regeneration instead of 7.

2. Also, I don't know if it's supposed to work like this, but in other private servers it would make sense to time backstabs (sinister strikes as well for that matter) to happen shortly after an auto attack has happened to maximize the effectiveness of extra attack procs off special attacks (hand of justice, sword spec, windfury). Basically, all an extra attack does is resetting your main hand swing timer rather than giving you an entire swing.


Nov 29, 2012
1. nice
2. It gives you additional hits here. Also listes in combat log accodingly.
You gain 1 additional hit from Hand of Justice/Sword Specialization etc.


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Feb 27, 2015
Guide has a lot right but a lot wrong too. First and foremost if you're going to open from stealth, USE AMBUSH, IT'S A BACKSTAB ON ROIDS.

Stealth - Ambush - SnD - Backstab - SnD to prevent falling off.

Without stealth - Backstab - SnD - Backstab - SnD to prevent fall off.

Tips and tricks: Mentioned earlier, use AR before a tick to gain 8 ticks and not 7 in duration, 20 extra energy is really nice.

When starting off, try to Backstab at 80 energy, this allows you to better manage energy and refresh SnD as needed. Once you're more experienced you can backstab at 60 energy so long as you know/feel the timings.

Thistle Tea/Renataki's Charm of Dickery at 0/40 energy respectively.

If you lead in with a thistle tea off the opener, you can get a really strong SnD up there early that'll allow for more backstabs. Same applies to Renataki on a lower scale.

Once you hit a 5 CP SnD, it's near impossible to not put up an SnD with lower than 4 CP if it's a Golemagg based fight with no movement.


If you want extra DPS and have the CP - Eviscerate is your 2nd finisher, make sure it doesn't make SnD fall off.
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Oct 15, 2014
This guide is so incredibly bad, missleading, giving wrong advice, not backing up claims, it should have stayed burried on page 100.

Soooo I should use rupture or not? @XJ9
Whereas rupture might be a stronger dps gain in some cases because it ignores armor, it uses up a debuff slot. 1 out of 16 debuff slots, therefore: No, never. Dont even think about cheesing it in, it hurts the overall raid dps a lot and any decent raidleader will find you and play with your guts :D.
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May 9, 2016
@Aslan, thanks for the advice, I'd like to keep my guts (what's left of it, playing as forsaken :p).

Are there any decent guides for rogue pve? Maybe also for pvp?
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